About Us

Denim by LLA was founded and originated by the creative design of its owner, Andrea Everett. Andrea was led with the vision of Denim by LLA through her own strife of searching for the perfect pair of vintage cut-offs & unique statement wear. Everywhere that she found denim shorts, they would either fit in the waist & not over her thick thighs or fit around the thighs and not at her waist. It was a constant disappointment until one day she realized that she should just make herself a pair custom to her own waist measurements. From there, she noticed that her friends were having a similar problem searching for denim shorts and decided to make them a pair as well. Her friends suggested that she should start selling them and that is when Denim by LLA was created. There is no other specialty store located in Memphis that specialize in providing denim for all shapes and sizes as well as speciality vintage wear. We are 1 of 1! Inventory for Denim by LLA is sourced locally at thrift stores and consignment shops across the metro Memphis area.